3 Fast Tricks for Curb Appeal

So many goals, so little time – it’s a persistent conundrum for every commercial property manager. That’s why it’s important to prioritize exterior cleaning tasks that are high on impact and short on commitment.

Team H2O Spray understands the burden of a property manager, and we are excited to share a shortlist of the best maintenance projects for properties to invest in on a routine basis. Think maximized results and minimal time investment.

Unpack Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Whenever we’re mapping out a routine maintenance plan with a commercial client, we always recommend that the process include three essential steps. When you stay on top of these maintenance measures, the rest of your property will shine:

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

  • This is the holy grail of exterior property maintenance. Our professional pressure washing equipment is primed to address all your property’s hardscapes – from driveways to sidewalks, parking lots to drive thrus – to ensure that your first impression shines from every square inch of your exterior.

Exterior Cleaning 

  • We deliver soft washing or pressure washing to make your exterior deliver the first impression you deserve: one that is professional, clean, and respectable. With a spotless building on the outside, clients and staff alike will have more respect for the business that awaits on the inside.

Roof Washing

  • We use soft washing to clean your roof. Our team doesn’t just rid it of ugly black streaks, though – we also help your roofing system last longer. It’s a smart move for your budget and your property’s first impression.

With a property maintenance plan that encompasses your entire exterior – from commercial concrete cleaning to exterior cleaning to roof washing – you’re getting top-to-bottom curb appeal for your property.