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Why Gutters Matter

Your home is probably your biggest, most expensive and most important asset, so it’s only right that you want to look after it properly. Your gutters a big part of making that possible. They protect your home from things like water damage, so even though they might seem modest and easy to forget about, your gutters are actually very important. They can also add to the general curb appeal of your home.

At H2O Spray, we fully understand the importance of your gutters, and that’s why we’re dedicated to improving the condition and quality of yours. We’ve been working at cleaning and maintaining gutters in Toledo, OH for HOW LONG, so you can trust us to achieve the best results for your gutters. Your home will be safe and visually pleasing when you make use of our expert services.

If your gutters have been neglected for a long time, they will make your home look worse and cause your home fully preventable problems. It’s time to take action and ensure your gutters aren’t left to deteriorate. 


Are Your Gutters Missing Their “New Look”?

Tiger stripes are very common on old gutters, those black streaks that just worse wash off. It’s a combination of dirt, pollen and dew that attach to the gutters and create these nasty stains. But you shouldn’t worry that these problems are permanent because that’s simply not true. At H2O Spray, we have plenty of experience with gutter whitening, and your gutters and home in general will truly shine. You want your home to look clean and new, but that’s hard to achieve when your gutters have long since last that “new look”. It’s our job to bring back that clean appearance and make your gutters look better than ever.

It takes professional cleaning products and methods to rid your gutters of those tiger stripes. Ordinary cleaning products simply won’t do the trick, and that’s just one of the reasons why it makes sense to get the work done professionally. We’ll ensure you don’t even have to worry about a thing.


Restoring Your Gutters

The restoration process will leave your gutters looking white and pristine. As soon as the process is done, you will notice the difference and your entire home will look so much better. You won’t have to worry about your gutters killing your home’s curb appeal.

If you’ve already tried to get rid of those stubborn stains by yourself and failed,our restoration service will achieve the outcomes you’re looking for, and you can then relax knowing that the problem has been taken care of by people who know what they’re doing and have the experience to back it up. We’ll carry out the work safely, swiftly and successfully, and that’s a guarantee.

We offer a completely free consultation to all of our customers, so you don’t have to commit to anything until you’re sure that our gutter restoration services are right for you. We’ll talk you through the process, tell you what you need to know and answer any questions you might have.


Why choose us?

  • Our gutter cleaning service is available for both residential and commercial customers, and we treat every job with the same level of importance and attention to detail.
  • Team H20 Spray is a family-run, local business, and working with us ensures that your gutter cleaning in Toledo Ohio is conducted by professionals who genuinely care about the results of their work.
  • We put the customer first throughout our process, and will do all we can to first meet, and then exceed, your expectations.
  • We use the latest equipment, materials, and cleaning solutions in order to provide an up-to-date service that utilizes the most modern innovations in order to guarantee a truly incredible result.
  • As well as gutter cleaning, we offer a variety of additional services should they be required, so you can keep coming back to Team H20 Spray for all your cleaning needs in future.

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Restoring Your Gutters

Team H2O Spray uses professional specialized detergents and equipment to tend to your gutters exterior. We can remove unwanted stripes that are hindering your homes curb appeal. Clean homes look so much better with restored gutter exteriors.

Get rid of stubborn gutter stains and add that extra shine to your homes exterior with Team H2O Sprays gutter whitening services.

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