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Houses are usually built with material that are made to last; however, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to the nature of the environment. Moisture, dirt, bacteria – if left untouched for periods of time it will eventually become stubborn staining and may grow into mold and mildew. When this happens, the material of your home would breakdown quicker than it should, causing expensive home repairs and replacements. It’s always better to spend little to properly maintain your home than to shell out thousands of dollars to replace rotting roofs or siding.

One easy way to prevent early home repairs is to maintain a regular schedule of power washing for your home. We recommend routine Lambertville MI Power Washing of your entire home, at the very least, every two years. Not only will your neighbors envy your beautifully kept home, routine maintenance cleanings makes sure that you’re not having years of mildew grow and multiply into a visible, giant eyesore. We can definitely work with you to schedule.

What is Power Washing?

You may have heard the term pressure washing as well – these two terms tend to be used interchangeably. Power washing is a process that involves using pressurized water to remove dirt, grime, mold, mud, and any other undesirable residue from just about any surface. The pressurized water is created with professional equipment that was designed into a pump that would allow the user to adjust various features such as pressure or temperature of the water to best complete the job.

Of course, power washing wouldn’t be the only options for cleaning in most scenarios. The reason professionals choose power washing is because it is quicker and more efficient in doing the job of ridding surfaces of stubborn stains and hard to reach places. Instead of having to bend over and scrub the sidewalk of gum, we can simply use power washing equipment to quickly remove the sticky mess away. Get the picture?

Power washing is not normally considered by the average homeowner, but it’s a very important part of maintaining the integrity of your houses appearance and health. You’ll also be saving a lot in the long-term by preventing the need to repair or replace external material of the house.


Our Process for Lambertville MI Power Washing

At Team H2O Spray, we’ve developed our own 3-stage process to clean homes. The process that our Lambertville MI Power Washing team uses begins with applying our uniquely formulated detergent to help loosen up the residue and kill the mold and/or mildew on the surface. Then, combined with the right amount of pressure and temperature-controlled water we’re able to rinse away the dirt and grime from the surface and in little nooks and crannies that are hard to reach. Lastly, we would then rinse it all off with cold water. This step washes away the dirt that came loose in the prior two steps. Voila! You’ll now have a “new” home again.

Using the right combination of gentle chemicals, water pressure and temperature we can give you the best results possible for any type of power washing job we’re assigned. Every season in Ohio has its unique challenges – since we’re in the neighborhood, we know exactly what we’re dealing with whenever you need us.

What Can Be Power Washed

For residential Lambertville MI Power Washing, the pressure washing services offered include various levels of pressure depending on the type of surface that is being washed.

Soft Washing or low-pressure washing utilizes low-pressure nozzles on pressure washing equipment. Combined with gentle detergents, this power washing method is good for surfaces that would otherwise be easily damaged with high pressure. As experts, we know the right combination of detergent, water pressure and temperature to get these surfaces cleaned without incurring any damage. Areas of the house that would require soft washing, include:

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Windows
  • House siding
  • Roofs

Pressure washing is the term used for full-force pressure washing. Typically, the only times that full force or high-pressure washing should be used is when the surface is made of concrete or in certain scenarios, brick. These are the surfaces of the house that can withstand a little more of a rough cleaning with higher water pressure. When we say high water pressure, we’re talking about a flow of roughly 8 gallons per minute with our professional power washing equipment. Surfaces likely to be washed with our full-force pressure washing service, are:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Concrete walls

With these surfaces, at ground-level, prone to receive rain, snow and other moisture, they make the perfect breeding ground for mildew to grow. What you may have blown off as normal wear-and-tear may actually be bacteria-filled, not just dirt!

In either case, the process of pressure washing with Team H2O Spray will get rid of mold, mildew, stubborn dirt, mud, grime and just about any other residue that is not original to the house itself.


Start the Process to Power Wash Your Home

Getting started is made easy with Team H2O Spray. The first step is to reach out and let us know you’d like to receive a quote. One of our team members will gladly contact you to set up an estimate. Once services are agreed upon by both parties, we’ll schedule a time to complete the power washing services at your residence.

Our priority is to work with you, the client, to ensure you’re happy with the whole experience from beginning to end.


Why Team H2O Spray is the Best for Lambertville MI Power Washing

When choosing Team H2O Spray to be your Lambertville MI Power Washing company, you’ll notice the difference. We’ve been the most trusted house washing company in Toledo for years and are committed in continuing our excellent customer service and top-quality work.

We have an experienced team of professionals that are available to perform Lambertville MI Power Washing year-round. Our work is guaranteed to please you no matter how big or little the project may be. Don’t wait another day to get your house cleaned and looking like the day it was built.

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