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Exterior Window Cleaning

Make every view the best view with an exterior window cleaning service from Team H2O Spray! We serve homeowners and the commercial sector with a professional solution that makes “spotless” a defining characteristic of every single pane.

The Professional Window Cleaning Difference

Before you dust off your ladder, arm yourself with paper towels, and grab the spray bottle of Windex, it’s important to consider: do you want to spend an entire afternoon to get a subpar result for your windows?

Our team offers a superior alternative. We deliver an exterior window cleaning service that guarantees a beautiful result for your windows. Our professional process includes a RODI water-fed pole system that:


  • Eliminates the need for - or risk of - ladders: Safety is a top priority for our team. With our window cleaning system, we can clean windows up to three stories tall… and our technicians can do the entire thing from the ground.
  • Uses purified water: Our use of purified water guarantees that your windows will get a spotless clean without having to face the risk of mineral buildup down the road. It’s a short and long-term investment.
  • Guarantees complete debris removal: Dirt, dust, pollen, and bird droppings: plenty of debris sticks to your window panes. We provide a solution that will help your panes come out on the other side - completely spotless!

A Clean Property Awaits!

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Benefit from Spotless Windows

A window cleaning service brings a broad spectrum of benefits to your home or business. With our professional solution, you can rely on the following perks:

  • More natural light: Clean windows can let in up to 50% more sunlight than dirty panes
  • Energy savings: Lean on sunlight - and not your artificial lighting systems
  • Better ambience: Clean windows make your space feel warm and inviting

Get a window cleaning solution you can trust from the experts at Team H2O Spray. We’ll take your dirty panes and turn them into a spotless result!

Excellent job. Professional service. They went above and beyond what I expected.

Sue B

I was very happy with the power wash H2O Spray did recently on my house and garage. Based on the work they did for me, I would highly recommend H2O spray to anyone needing this service.

Helen B

This team was incredibly thorough and detailed in cleaning the exterior of our home. By washing alone it looked like we had new siding installed.

Michael S

Excellent job Showed up on time and completed the work quickly. House looks like it was just built !!! Extremely happy with the price and the outcome !

Vladi S

Not sure I can put into words the wonderful job Team H2O Spray did when they power washed my house...I will definitely call them the next time I want to wash my house again! 

Jennifer S

With our experience, superior customer service and state of the art equipment, we are ready and eager to successfully accomplish any request residential and commercial. Thank you for taking your valuable time to visit us and please contact us through your preferred contact method for any additional information needed.