Commercial Roof Cleaning

Team H20 Spray is proud to offer an in-depth roof cleaning services to commercial customers across OUR SERVICE AREA. The techniques and equipment we use have been specially chosen for their ability to produce outstanding results without causing damage to the structure itself - and we’re certain that you will be delighted with the results.

The benefits of commercial roof cleaning in Toledo

The external appearance of your business is incredibly important. A well-maintained, clean, and presentable exterior is a sign to your customers; a sign that you care about everything you do, and that you take pride in all areas of your business. By ensuring your external premises look as good as possible, you are able to create the best possible first impression, every time.

As an integral part of your business’ structure, your roof requires the same level of focus as the main frontage. A clean roof signifies that you attend to every detail; you’re the company who does the job right. Other businesses may just wipe down their front windows or quickly vacuum the interior, but you’ve gone the extra mile, and ensured that whatever angle your business can be viewed from, it looks as good as possible.

We all know that it’s tough to capture customers in the current marketplace; people now have a plethora of options, and competition is rife. Under these circumstances, small influencing factors such as cleanliness really can make all the difference to a prospective customer. You want every customer who visits your premises to be focused on the products or services you are offering - which can be difficult to do if they are distracted by unpleasant-looking stains or streaks on your roof.

In essence, commercial roof cleaning guarantees:

  • All first impressions of your business will be positive, be they from customers or fellow businesses
  • Your business garners a reputation for outstanding attention to detail and going above and beyond to ensure everything is always as it should be
  • Your premises look good in photographs, as well as on services such as Google Street View

Team H2O Spray proudly offers commercial No Pressure No Damage roof washing. We are committed to offering above and beyond services for the demand of commercial clients.

Team H20 Spray’s commercial roof cleaning service

Many cleaning companies will opt to use pressure washing to clean a roof. This can easily damage your roof and is not the right choice for a professional company. Pressure washing can cause a variety of issues, including the disturbance of shingle granules and damage to the roof lining.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to pressure washing and the damage it can cause.

No-Pressure No-Damage soft wash roof cleaning

  • Our commercial roof cleaning service has been carefully formulated to ensure the best possible results, every time.
  • We use an incredibly effective No-Pressure No-Damage soft wash process
  • This washing technique was developed following years of research and development by the Roof Cleaners’ Institute of America
  • The No-Pressure No-Damage soft wash cleaning process has also been approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association
  • The washing system is designed to ensure that your roof’s structural integrity remains intact throughout the cleaning process, while still delivering outstanding cleaning ability.

Why choose Team H20 Spray for your commercial roof cleaning in Toledo?

  • We are a highly-experienced, family-run operation who endeavor to go above and beyond for our customers, so you can be sure of an outstanding quality of service. We put the customer first and foremost in everything we do, and we’re not satisfied a job is complete until you are.
  • While we’re sure you’ll have no problems with damage thanks to our incredible No-Pressure No-Damage soft wash technique, we are fully insured in the unlikely event something goes awry - so you can enjoy complete peace of mind when hiring Team H20 Spray to clean your roof.
  • Our service area for commercial roof cleaning includes Toledo, Ottawa Hills, Maumee, Lambertville, and more!
  • In addition to commercial roof cleaning, we offer a variety of additional services - including awning cleaning, concrete cleaning, and rust removal; so you can entrust all of your cleaning needs to a single, professional team.

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Our Solution:

Team H2O Spray uses an effective No-Pressure No-Damage soft wash process that was developed through years of research and development of the Roof Cleaners Institute of America and approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association. This No-Pressure No-Damage Roof Washing restores your roofs appearance and sets the standards for superior businesses property maintenance. Proving to clients your commitment to excellence.

The importance of a No Pressure No-Damage Roof Wash

Never allow a roof cleaner to use any form of pressure when addressing roof cleaning issues. Using pressure can remove shingle granules and cause irreversible long term damage. Team H2O Spray understands the importance of your roof and the needs it requires for properly maintaining your roof. Impress all new, current and future clients with a Team H2O Spray No-Pressure No-Damage roof cleaning.

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