Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning

Annual Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning

As a homeowner, you probably want to keep your property in tip top shape for as long as possible. This would require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. One of the most important parts of exterior house maintenance includes gutter cleaning. Living near Toledo means lots of rainy days throughout the year, so getting your gutter cleaned helps prevent water damage to other parts of your home.

The water gutter system goes all the way around the home, yet they’re easily forgotten about when it comes to annual cleaning timing. Unfortunately, forgetting about cleaning the gutters regularly makes a huge impact on your home, as improperly drained water can do some serious damage.


The True Damage of Uncleaned Gutters

One major area of concern for unmaintained gutters is the effect it may have on your roofing system.

  1. Damage to the fascia – fascia is the term for the boards used to mount your gutters to the roof. It allows the gutter system to be hung securely and steadily around your house. If left uncleaned overtime, this can be a pretty expensive repair job. It would require removal of the gutter and replacing certain portions of damaged boards with all of the proper sealants and paints, then have the gutter remounted properly.
  2. Accumulated cost of expensive repair work – Along with potentially having to replace the fascia, you could be looking at costs to fix the foundation of your house and maybe even the concrete structure of the house.
  3. Added weight that can cause further damage – When gutters are left uncleaned, all the debris that got gathered on top adds weight the structure of the gutter system. Couple this with heavy rainfall and you’ve got yourself a situation that will cause damage to the gutter itself and may even harm the fascia because of the excess weight.
  4. Ruined foundation of the home – Another issue that can arise is having the rainfall improperly drain around your home. Instead of going through the downspouts, imagine water spilling over the sides of the gutter – the soil around your home may not allow proper drainage and thus end up leaving you water seeping into the ground and around your home.
  5. Damage to the home’s structure – Lastly, most homes are made with a concrete structure. If there happens to be a crack in this concrete structure, the combination of water getting into the cracks and freezing weather temperatures can cause some significant damage. When water gets into these cracks and end up freezing when the temperature drops, the ice will expand resulting in the widening of these cracks in the concrete of your house structure.

Forgetting to have Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning done is a big mistake that may cost you more than you would imagine. Unfortunately, the exterior of a home is vulnerable to the elements of nature. The only way to make sure you’re in control of the integrity of your home, every area of the home needs to be scheduled for routine maintenance.

Home Maintenance with Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning

Just like the results of neglecting regular roof cleaning, years of letting a gutter become unmaintained can lead to a tiger stripes, those black streaks you usually see on older gutters. In the case of stained gutters, it’s a nasty combination of dirt, pollen and dew that stubbornly attaches itself to the surface. Luckily, these stains are not permanent! This is where professional service for Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning comes into the picture.

A professional and experienced company like Team H2O Spray has used a method of gutter cleaning over the past years that bring old and dingy looking gutters back to life.


Restoring Your Gutters

It’s rarely as easy as washing down a dirty gutter with your garden hose. Properly cleaning gutters take more than ordinary household products to remove the stubborn combination of stains.

The Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning service that Team H2O provides, include taking these action steps:

  • Clearing the gutter of debris, such as branches, sand, shingle debris, twigs, leaves, weeds, etc.
  • Proper removal of said debris and taking it off your property
  • Checking for proper functionality and water flow of your gutters after cleaning
  • Cleaning all downspouts to make sure all are draining efficiently


Choosing a Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning Service

Choosing a Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning service can be stressful – because, entrusting the integrity of your home to strangers is no small task! You’ll want to make sure the company that you work with has great communication throughout the process, from the very first interaction you have with them. Other factors that you should look for when deciding on a gutter cleaning company should include:

  • Use of the best equipment that won’t fail in the middle of a job
  • Professional grade cleaning solutions with proper methods of disposal
  • Are properly insured for every job
  • Attention to detail
  • Care for every customer, no matter how big or small the request may be

Our team certainly checks the box on all of these factors. At Team H2O Spray, we believe that we’re only as good as our last job. That’s why every job is important to us and we put the best work into everything that we do.


Team H2O Spray for the Best Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning

With our service for Lambertville MI Gutter Cleaning, you can be confident in getting the results we promise to give you. Team H2O Spray is a family-run, local business; so, we understand completely how important performing tasks like this can be for the well-being of a family home.  We genuinely care about the work we do and will put every single customer first throughout our process. We work with you to understand and do all that we can to meet your expectations.

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