Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning

Why Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning is a Necessity

Our area sees every season through the year and with that comes all of nature’s gifts – dirt, dust, leaves and grime that often leave noticeable stains. Decks, no matter what material they’re made of, are no exempt from needing a good cleaning regularly. We don’t mean a “get down on your knees and scrub with a brush” type of deck cleaning – this won’t give you the best results that you’re hoping for.

With the deck being a popular hangout spot at your house, it’s open to high foot traffic. That means muddy shoes running across the boards, food spilled from backyard BBQs, and wet pets rolling their wet and muddy fur on the deck. All of this residue, if left uncleaned, can cause dirty stained decks; sometimes, it even causes a bad odor to become trapped. This is why it's a good idea to get your deck cleaned regularly, so that you won't have to deal with the negative long-term effects of unclean decks.


Benefits of Regular Deck Cleaning

Having regularly scheduled Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning will ensure you’ll be continually giving your house the beautiful appearance it once knew. Over time, decks begin to show wear and tear from being exposed to nature’s elements. When there’s dirt, mud and algae on your deck, you’ll start seeing signs of the deck aging – it may even become slippery and dangerous to walk on.

The top 3 benefits of up keeping your deck are:

Increasing or Maintaining Higher Property Value

As an extension of your home and place of entertainment, you can get the most out of your home resale value with regular cleaning of the deck and surrounding areas of the home. If you want to make your deck look as good as it could be, Team H2O Spray, a Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning company, is who you want to talk to. Leaving your deck filthy and uncared for will bring negative feelings from potential buyers, not to mention the possibility of being a hazard for walking which brings us to the next benefit.

Ensuring Your Family’s Health & Safety:

We talked about the deck’s appearance, now let’s discuss the usability of an unclean deck. The stains and growth seen on dirty deck surfaces are likely mold, mildew, and/or algae caused by rain or humid weather conditions. Not only is this unattractive to look at, it can also become hazardous and slippery to walk on. If you have young kids, they would probably be running on this deck which can easily make them slip and fall. Mold and Algae is also a concern to the health of anyone standing in close proximity to it. Health issues can come about if you spend a lot of time on your dirty deck.

Getting a professional Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning team to handle your routine cleaning will make this issue go away.

Improve Your Deck’s Lifespan:

Again, the mildew, mold and algae growing on uncleaned decks are not your friend. These growths can also deteriorate the material, used for your deck, sooner than it really should. Because the growths eat away at the material, the stability of the deck can become compromised and the lifespan reduced. This means, you may have to replace or fix your deck much sooner than you’d hoped. Nature’s elements play a big role in ruining your deck – breakdown of material caused by the rain, moisture and sun’s UV rays are inevitable. To help combat the unescapable damage, Team H2O Spray’s Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning service is the answer.

Of course, the deck doesn’t need to be old and aged to benefit from a good professional deck cleaning. If you have a new deck, you can also take preventive measures to prolong the life of your deck by starting the deck cleaning routine early. A deck cleaning to complement staining or sealing your deck is ideal to ensure results that last longer.


How We Perform Deck Cleaning

Our professional team for Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning has years or experience with thousands of customers. We have even developed our own cleaning detergents to get the best cleaning results for every customer no matter how big or small the project is.

Team H2O Spray’s deck cleaning service has been refined over the many years to ensure our process delivers incredible cleaning power without harming the underlying structure of your deck. We begin by assessing the type of deck you have and what cleaning requirements are called for to get the best results. Once you agree to our assessment and estimate, we’ll begin our cleaning process.

Step 1: Our unique cleaning detergent, chosen specifically for its suitability to the type of deck you have, is applied evenly to the surface

Step 2: We let the detergent work its magic to kill the algae/mold and loosen the dirt, mud and other forms of grime from the deck

Step 3: We then use our professional-grade low-pressure equipment to remove the dirt, mud, algae, mold, and whatever other forms of grime.

Using a low-pressure spray to clean the deck is necessary because it’s powerful enough to remove the impurities yet does not ruin the structure or integrity of your deck.


The Team H2O Spray Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning Difference

Team H2O Spray is different than other Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning companies in that we stand 100% behind our work and make it a high priority to provide outstanding quality of service to our customers. If you’ve been looking for a cleaning service that will go above-and-beyond for you, our fully insured, family-run business is the right choice.

We make sure to be up to date with our professional grade equipment to conduct all Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning and surrounding areas. Our specialized detergents and other tools are also the best in the industry because we want every job to have impressive results. Our aim is to return your deck to its former glory quickly, efficiently and without any damage to the integrity of the deck.

In addition to offering deck cleaning services, we have a range of other outdoor cleaning services – making us a one-stop shop for providing you with the house cleaning that you desire.

If you’re ready for the best Luna Pier MI Deck Cleaning, please get in touch with us today. Our estimates are always free and you will not be obligated to continue with our service.