Northwood OH Roof Cleaning

Why do you need Northwood OH Roof Cleaning?

Have you taken notice of the black stains or clumps of green growth on your roof that just seems to keep spreading, even after a heavy rain? Your first thought may be that it’s just years of dirt, caked onto the roof shingles. The truth is that those black stains are actually made up of algae and potentially, mold and/or mildew. As a major part of your home, having a massively stained roof is unsightly and is damaging to the reliability of your roof. If left unattended for a long time, it will start deteriorating and lose its full capability to give your home the protection its supposed to.

The black mold you see, also known as Gloeocapsa Magma, is a type of algae that is transported through the air before becoming attacked to surfaces like your roof. Algae growth starts out a blue-green color and eventually turns into the black stains that you often see when driving past other homes. The spores attached to your roof spreads even quicker in wet and humid weather; it only takes few years for the algae growth to spread and stain your whole roof.

If left untreated, the damages can be costly especially on older roofs. If you have leaks in your roof, the algae can make its way into the leak making it more difficult and expensive to clean – not to mention the likelihood of mold growing. This is why it’s a necessity to tackle a dirty, algae stained roof before it gets any worse.


Benefits of Northwood OH Roof Cleaning

The first time that you get the stains removed from your roof, you’ll immediately see a difference. The first noticeable benefit of a professional Northwood OH Roof Cleaning is increased curb appeal. A cleaner roof makes a much bigger difference than you probably thought! Pair that with a whole pressure washed house cleaning and it will be like coming home to a new house.

The second benefit isn’t noticeable to the average onlooker; but, as mentioned previously, keeping your roof clean will keep it from further damage. The key to truly reap this benefit is to routinely get your roof cleaned over the years to prolong the life of your roof. While your neighbors might have to replace the shingles, your roof may still have a lot of life in them! Routine, maintenance for Northwood OH Roof Cleaning is recommended to take place, at the very least, every two years.

Using Pressure Washing to Clean Your Roof

Now that we’ve established the reason roof cleaning is necessary, let’s get to the “how” of Northwood OH Roof Cleaning by pressure washing. You may already know that roofs are typically cleaned with special pressure washing equipment, however, did you know that there are different types of pressure washing?

Full force pressure washing is what most people think about when the term “pressure washing” or “power washing” comes up. As the term suggests, the force of water used here is very strong and can get the dirt out of hard to reach places that a good brush scrubbing wouldn’t be able to get do. This is commonly used on tougher surfaces made of concrete, such as sidewalks, driveways, concrete walls and in some cases, surfaces made of bricks.

Then there is soft pressure washing where the water pressure used is low, but still strong enough to do its job of removing all the nitty gritty residue. Soft pressure washing is used on just about all other surfaces, aside from concrete. Most other surfaces of houses are made of material that would likely be damaged if using full force water pressure. That is why cleaning the roof, siding of the house, and windows would require soft pressure washing. As veterans of this industry, our Northwood OH Roof Cleaning team is trained to know what amount of pressure on different surfaces will get the work done without causing damages.


Northwood OH Roof Cleaning Process

At Team H2O Spray, we take each job seriously and professionally. For roof cleaning, we choose to use the soft pressure washing method. As explained earlier, this lets us clean the roof of dirt and grime without causing any damage to your roof. Our method of soft washing is specifically designed to avoid any harsh impacts on the shingles. In fact, the washing process that we used was researched and developed by the Roof Cleaners Institute of America – which, was also approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

The process starts with the first step of applying a chemical called sodium hypochlorite, which kills any algae on the roof. However, this chemical may be harmful to plants – this is why we have a team on the ground to work with the roof team. The roof team will spray this chemical everywhere on the roof to make sure there are no missed spots. The ground team will monitor the water coming down and neutralize it with one of two neutralizing agents: Agent Halt, a bleach neutralizer or Gypsum. Another method used to ensure the chemical is safely removed is by bagging the gutters to catch the chemical mixed water, then properly disposing of it.


The Team H2O Spray Difference

Our team of experienced, Northwood OH Roof Cleaning professionals completely understand how to safely get a job done and how to do it right to satisfy every single homeowner that we work with. Our superior customer service and state of the art equipment make our Team H2O Spray a top choice for Northwood OH Roof Cleaning. We’re happy to work with you to plan your first step towards a cleaner roof and home. Don’t risk the integrity of your home by neglecting the health of your roof – the integrity of your home relies on having a safe structure not vulnerable to deteriorating. We also offer other areas of cleaning for the home, such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, house siding, and windows.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to make you another satisfied customer alongside hundreds of others we have worked with over the years.