What’s on my roof?

You look at your property to admire the curb appeal… and you see eyesores instead. You aren’t alone. Your roof is one of the biggest magnets for stains, and the result isn’t pretty.

3 Common Roof Stains

In Ohio, our climate is a major contributor to roof wear and tear. You’ll see stains from:

  • Mold and mildew: these dark spots and clusters are a good sign that it’s time to schedule a roof cleaning service now – no one wants an interior mold issue!
  • Gloeocapsa magma: this type of bacteria causes those black stripes that you see on your roof. The worst part? It doesn’t just stain your shingles – it eats them.
  • Dirt: it might be the oldest stain in the book, but it’s also the most noticeable eyesore.

Our team delivers a roof cleaning solution that will protect your curb appeal and strengthen your property value. Your roof is too important to ignore – let us give if the TLC it deserves.